Monday, 18 October 2010

SOLD!!!! Little Black Dress. Size UK8. £50- REDUCED!!!!! £35!

Little Black Dress.

Size UK8. Runs true to size.

£50  Reduced!!!! Now £35

 I love how the detail on the bust line stops it from being just another boring black dress. It's a really cute fit. Tight across the body and then flares out to a flirty skirt.  Gorgeous!



Lulu Rose said...

This is so cute, shame my boobies are way to big, other wise I would have brought this. xx

Becky said...

tempted..where is it from?

Ring My Bell said...


I dont actually know! The labels have been cut out... It's from a photo shoot I did :)

angiela :) said...

this is cute!

Anonymous said...

is shipping outside the uk possible? :)

Ring My Bell said...

I will ship worldwide. Please email for a quote.