Monday, 18 October 2010

SOLD!!!!! Vintage style MOSCHINO belt. £20 SOLD!!!!

Moschino belt.


Measures: 88cm aprox.

I found this belt in a vintage market in LA. I don't know if it's genuine Moschino or not. I'm selling it because I found another one in black. The belt has some signs of wearing but it was like that when I bought it. I think it adds to its vintage charm!

Here's Andy from Style Scrapbook looking hot in her Moschino belt. Andy is totally the reason I got into these belts. I saw her with hers and got inspired.



Nita -Karoliina said...

Is that a real lether`? That would look good on me.. :D

Ring My Bell said...

it is :) It has a gold stamp saying "genuine leather".

Izzy "Elizabeth" Eliza said...

Do you have an idea on the belt measurements or what sizes it could fit?

Ring My Bell said...

88cms aprox :)

shi said...

is 88cm a small/medium/or large? I'm generally a small, would it fit? said...

i want it! what can i do/ do you ship to the US? how much is the cost of shipping?

Disasterbation said...

About how much would shipping be for London?

Ring My Bell said...

Hey guys,

For future reference I ship EVERYWHERE! Just send an email to the address in the 'how to buy' section with your country and city in the subject bar and I'll email you back a postage and packaging quote.

The belt has now been sold. It's better to email me any questions because I get those straight away and can reply to you all immediately.

Better luck next time ladies! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Do you happen to have another one for sale? I'd be interested in getting one and I'm willing to pay higher than the price stated! :)